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1. Copyright
Copyright of all the contents of this site belongs to Ican, or used by Ican in accordance with the right authorized to Ican lawfully. Accordingly it is prohibited to use, copy, modify, reuse, upload, sale all the contents here for the purposes of business, private, intranet.
2. Prohibition
Following action will be prohibited to use this site comfortably.
  • 1. Action to give or possibility to give disadvantage, damage, dishonor, damage the credit of Ican or the third party.
  • 2. Action to breach or possible to breach law, regulation and to violate or possible to violate public order and morality.
  • 3. Action to violate privacy of others, such as to disclose telephone number, address etc..
  • 4. Action to register another person's mail address and to make false declaration, notification etc..
  • 5. Action or the action to have possibility to use and/or provide harmful program such as computer virus.
  • 6. Action to make business promotion or inducement to take benefit without Ican's permission.
3. Disclaimer
Ican will take any responsibility caused and resulted by the use of this site. Please understand that this site can be amended, deleted and stopped without any notice.
4. All the trade mark, logo mark etc.
listed in this site will belong to Ican of its related companies or its justifiable person. Accordingly it is prohibited to use these without written consent of Ican.
5. Trademarks
Trademark, which is posted on this site, logo, etc. are the property of the Company and its affiliates or other legitimate authority,. It therefore, as long as there is no prior written consent of Ican, it is prohibited to use these without permission.