Preventing Quay Crane Runaway Accidents Runaway Stop

Quay Crane Runaway Accidents caused by stong winds pushing the cranes out of control as a result of recent increase of violent weather such as tornados, typhoons and sudden wind gusts, have been on the increase. World climate changes have made unstable weather conditions for port operators. Operators depend on emergency brakes for safety In responce, our IRB-N, IRB-P brakes are effectively preventing these crane accidents.
Variety of selection and combination are available among runaway stop series, according to the needs, purposes, required braking force etc., for motor brake to control driving wheel (IB30), for wheel brake to control trailing wheel (IWB), for rail brake pressing the surface of rail by pad with its own weight (IRB) etc..


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Preventing Quay Crane Runaway Accidents with the Runaway Stop Motor Brake



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Rail Brake, Runaway Stop Brake for cranes. Effective Quay Crane Runaway Accident Prevention

Rail Brakes, "IRB" Runaway Stop Brakes for cranes

Responding to the need to Prevent Quay Crane Runaway Accidents with Ican Rail Brake - IRB

Runaway Stop Rail Brake "IRB"

Stop slips of the crane on the rail by pressing its pad on the surface of rail using the cranes own weight. Effective for stopping run away cranes.

Wheel Brake "IWB"

Applied to various machineries at industrial site including traveling crane and is preventing runaway accidents

Runaway Stop Wheel Brake "IWB"

Control trailing wheel of crane by clamping the wheels. Controlling power can be increased by installation of additional brakes