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What are the Features of the I-flex Coupling?


The I-flex disc coupling requires no lubrication, thus eliminated the risk of contamination by leaking lubricant contaminating the disc resulting in a reduction of the braking torque. In addition, the replacement of the I-flex brake disc is possible without the need of removing the motor or the gear drive unit.
On the contrary, in order to lower cost, it is common to use a gear coupling with disc brake installed between the electric motor and the reduction box, yes cheaper but many negative aspects result. The main disadvantages are as follows:

*  visible maintenance confirmation is not possible
*  the need to add regular lubrication which leads to leaking of oil
*  spraying of excess oil which contaminates the disc and brake
*  Area becomes dirty with oil and grease

As a better solution, the I-flex Coupling which offers the following positive merits:

*  Parts are visible for easy maintenance
*  No need for lubrication- oil/grease
*  Bushings and bolts are easily replaceable
*  The brake and surrounding area stays clean and oil free