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What is Icans track record of retrofitting from drum shoe brakes to disc brakes?


Up until the early 1990’s drum shoe brakes were the predominant type of brake used in a wide variety of industry. As in the automotive industry, the introduction of simpler and extremely effect disc brakes has led to a shift to retrofitting and the installation of disc brakes in the crane industry as well.


Ican was  extremely active in retrofitting hundreds of older drum shoe brakes starting in the mid-1990’s. In addition, All second hand cranes exported by Ican have been upgraded with much more safer and modern disc brakes. Currently the world trend is continuing towards the safer, easier to maintain and performance efficient stopping power of  the industry standard disc brakes.

Drum brake lining replacements are very time consuming and basically a complicated task involving running-in of the lining surface to attain acceptable requires labor, time and readjustment.

Along with the replacement of the brake, there are much better alternatives to the gear coupling that are still widely in use today. Such an option is the development of a flexible coupling to avoid the need for lubrication maintenance thus, to avoid creating a greasy, dirty operating environment. The  I-FLEX coupling developed by Ican has been successfully in operation in both cranes and industrial applications receiving very positive reviews.