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How to strengthen crane runaway accident prevention?


The Recent increase of Quay Crane Runaway Accidents worldwide caused by strong winds pushing the cranes out of control as a result of recent increase of violent weather such as tornados, typhoons and sudden wind gusts, have been on the increase. The conventional method used is the stopped clamp system or the rail clamp but is effective only when the crane is stationary. But the rail clamps are useless when the crane is in motion. Crane operators experience many dangerous near-misses due to the sudden surge in movement caused by sudden gusts of wind. Cranes using outdated drum brakes are at the mercy of the wind when being moved. A total lack of safe control.
Operators have the right to dependable emergency brakes to insure safe response to adverse conditions. Ican has developed both the IRB-N and/or the IRB-P brakes as an effective combination with Ican’s IB30 disc brake to dramatically increase the safety margin.
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